Local paramedic, David McVitie (aka Big Deeve) kindly agreed to let me spend an hour with him and his colleague whilst they were on call at the local ambulance dep (small room in the community center). During the time I was with them, I was told that "if the radio goes, we go" but that didn't happen. The two life savers were somewhat distracted by the football on TV though.


Photo library available here

To start with I decided to just draw. No pressure to try and capture anything in particular. Certainly there was none of that "this might be the drawing" that can creep into the thought process when a drawing starts out well. I was open to making bad drawings. I felt that this approach allowed me to 'learn' my subject. I don't usually use pencil, I don't like the mess but I used pencil for some of these drawings, feeling that it added an extra dimension of freedom; knowing that I wouldn't be fully satisfied with the drawing allowed me to better turn off my critical judgment whilst producing it.

Brush pens. A different approach to the pencil roughs but equally as loose and playful. Still making time to learn the subject.

TV remote control and radio communication. The two most important items in the on-call paramedics tool kit?