Printed on cartridge and heavy tracing paper, this A3, spiral bound book is the final physical outcome for my reportage project. Whilst the illustrations that resulted from my interviews with various Langholm locals are also being shared via this site, the book represents a one off and unique outcome and utilization of the drawings I've amassed. Each combination of printed and layered pages has been created as a one off, bespoke solution. Although the book has been digitally printed - a process usually synonymous with mass production - the print files were created in a responsive and free-form approach, the combinations of layers taking form in a progressive and organic process. Using printer and software as a sketchbook and collage. My aim in adopting this approach was to capture some of the 'sketchbook' essence that has been one of my aesthetic goals throughout the project. Sketchbooks aren't planned or calculated and to some extent I wanted to include a similar aspect of chance and accidental combination into this collected body of work - to some extent I tried to avoid the absolute level of control and precision that digital processes offer.


The book's scale caused some problems - due to their large size the pages and perforations for binding had to be laser cut, one page at a time. Whilst this would have easily been solved by scaling down to A4 the larger pages create greater impact whilst the subsequent exaggeration of the line and mark-making increase the sense of 'drawn by hand' and confident looseness; qualities I hope characterize my work.